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Beta Pi of Sigma Chi | Oregon State University, Corvallis: The Beaver Sig


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Welcome to the official website for the Sigma Chi Fraternity at Oregon State University!  Sigma Chi (ΣΧ) is the largest and one of the oldest college Greek-letter secret and social fraternities with 236 active chapters and 300,000 initiates and the Beta Pi Chapter of Sigma Chi is one of the largest fraternities on the OSU campus.  Chartered in 1916, our house stands strong with over 90 current initiated undergraduate members entering the 2013-2014 school year (excluding freshmen), and we look forward to initiating many, many more high-minded gentlemen into our order.

As a collective group, we exceed any and all expectations from a Greek-lettered organization.  We consistently show our academic dominance at the University by consistently placing in the top two all house grade point average in comparison to other fraternities.  Our grade point average has also been well above the all-men’s University average.  We show dominance in volunteerism as we accumulated over 1,500 hours in the past academic year alone devoted to giving back to the community that we live in.  We carry out Derby Days, the biggest fraternity philanthropy on campus, which has allowed us to donate over $35,000 in the past three years to the Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland, OR.  We have won numerous major philanthropic events hosted by sororities as a way to thank them for their generosity during Derby Days.

For nearly a hundred years, we have strived for excellence and distinction in our community and our legacy is widely respected on campus.  Whether it be science, engineering, or business, many of our alumni have accomplished great feats and have gone on to be very successful in their fields, while also keeping ever before them the lifelong commitment of living up to the ideals of the Sigma Chi Fraternity.

The benefits of being in a fraternity go beyond the beautiful architecture of the house.  The members call each other brother; not acquaintance, not friend, or even best friend.  Brother.  This distinction of the word hardly sheds light on the lifelong connections and relationships that you will obtain by being a member of Sigma Chi.  Our fraternity was founded on the principles of friendship, justice, and learning.  These three words encompass the actions of highly respected and influential men that are linked to us by a common bond.  Once a Sigma Chi, you will always be a Sigma Chi.  It is only through our actions that parallel the ideals of our fraternity that the brothers wear the badge throughout life “believing that the world expects more of me, than the world expects of other men.”

If you would like to learn more please contact our Rush Chairs by checking out the Chapter Officers under the Undergraduates tab.

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Beta Pi Undergraduates

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